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Hachnassas Kallah

Dear fellow Jew, My name is Bluma Schlesinger from Elad. I’m turning to you just a few days be

Please save Chaya's life

בס"ד Dear brothers, I turn to you with a sad, broken heart. I am the mother of Chaya, an adora

Save vaknin Family

בס"ד Dear fellow Jew, My name is Leah Vaknin.I am turning to you with a broken heart and from d

You are cold outside they are cold inside too

בס"ד UPDATE May 2023 Dear friends, This is Rabbi Avraham Wolf from Odessa. With deep emotion,

Please save Or's life

בס"ד Dear friend!  This is Vicky, Or's mother, who was diagnosed with cancer near to the brain

Tkun Shovavim

בס"ד We are in the last week of the Naughty Days, the last opportunity of the year to win and pr

Terrorism victims and their families need your assistance

בס"ד The Avior Organization's Call for Solidarity! Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, we are turning to yo

Horrifying: Jewish Mother of Small Children Dies from Starvation

בס"ד The charity workers in Israel’s north have been shocked in the face of one of the most al

The Fitussi family with their 6 children were thrown into the street

בס"ד Dear friend, My name is Avraham Yitzhak Fitusi, and I am reaching out to you in pain and s

Emergency Fund for Odessa Community Following the Severe Attack

בס"ד Dear friend, This time, the devastation reached us directly as the building adjacent to ou

Please redeem our brother from the cruelest african prison

בס"ד Sad and Critical Update: 09.22.2023 Due to prolonged incarceration in the overcrowded and

Save lavi's life

בס"ד Dear friend, My name is Nir Menachem, and I am deeply humbled to reach out to you, but I h

Humanitarian aid fund for the Jews of Odessa

Dear cherished friend, It's Rabbi Abraham Wolf from Odessa, Ukraine. I deeply appreciate and thank

Terrible tragedy in israel

בס"ד Dear Esteemed Brothers and Dear Friends, A most severe catastrophe, unlike anything we hav

We were there for you, and now we are the ones who need your help

בס"ד Dear brothers! ZAKA teams worked tirelessly under heavy rocket fire to save lives, evacuat

Israel under FIRE! Please help!

בס"ד Dear Brothers and Sisters, Israel has endured a devastating attack, unlike anything seen s

Emergency fund for Israeli soldiers

בס"ד Our brave soldiers were called to the reserves to protect our homeland on the northern and

Unveiling the Power of Hope: Together We Shall Overcome

בס"ד "The hope that may disappear! Help! Dear friend!We have been busy from morning until the l

every soldier is lighting a Hanukkah candle

בס"ד Dear brothers,Thanks to you, we have distributed thousands of Hanukkah packages to soldie

Guarding Our Heroic IDF Soldiers with Warmth

בס"ד Fighting in Gaza intensifies, and the north is ablaze, while Israel is already preparing fo