Hachnassas Kallah

Dear fellow Jew, My name is Bluma Schlesinger from Elad. I’m turning to you just a few days be

Please save Chaya's life

בס"ד Dear brothers, I turn to you with a sad, broken heart. I am the mother of Chaya, an adora

ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה מעבירין את רוע הגזרה

ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה מעבירין את רוע הגזרה

Save vaknin Family

בס"ד Dear fellow Jew, My name is Leah Vaknin.I am turning to you with a broken heart and from d

Pidyon Shvuyim

בס"ד   Dear Friend,   I’m reaching out to you with great humiliation. This is my last res

Desperate father of 14 is begging for help

בס"ד   Dear Friend, I am embarrassed to be writing to you, but my tremendously difficult real

You are cold outside they are cold inside too

בס"ד UPDATE May 2023 Dear friends, This is Rabbi Avraham Wolf from Odessa. With deep emotion,

Please save Or's life

בס"ד Dear friend!  This is Vicky, Or's mother, who was diagnosed with cancer near to the brain

Tkun Shovavim

בס"ד We are in the last week of the Naughty Days, the last opportunity of the year to win and pr

Israel under FIRE!

בס"ד Suddenly in the middle of life, everything has changed!!! An emergency fund for affected a

Matanot Le'evyonim 2023

בס"ד Dear FriendWe are in the month of Adar, it is a month of joy and a lot of giving and helpin

Chana is only 4 years old and she is begging us for save her life

בס"ד Dear Friend, My name is Chana Kagan, I’m a little girl of only 4 years old. I was born

Kimcha D'pischa


Help daniel to have a child

בס"ד Dear Friend! ‏I am very ashamed to ask you but right now this is my last option and I ha

This Terror attack tore our family apart

בס"ד Dear Jews! I am humiliated to request you, but I have no choice my name is Shimon Benita,

Saving the children of the Cohen family

בס"ד Dear friend,My name is Lior Cohen and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read

Ukraine Jews in Trouble

The city of Uman is under attack

Shimon is only 4 years old with a rare heart condition

Dear friend, it's not easy for me to ask for help. However, circumstances have pushed me to this po

Help Ephraim regain his stride with a prosthetic leg!

בס"ד Dear fellow Jew, I humbly reach out to you in a time of desperate need, seeking assistance